Cloth Diapering Series - Part 3

Sorry for the delay in posting... my husband was leaving for a support raising trip yesterday and I spent the week getting his presentation board together and cooking for us while he is gone.

This part of the series we'll focus on covers and the options available for you. We already touched on the pros and cons as well as the options available for actual diapers.

Just as a refresher, you'll need a cover for the following types of diapers: fitted and prefold. AIOs and AI2s come complete with a waterproof outer. Why choose one over the other? Mostly personaly preference... but it is easier to several layers plus you can reuse a cover until it either smells dirty or has gotten "something" on it! This means you'll only have to purchase 4-5 covers and can wash them as needed.

In the picture above, you'll see three types of covers. The red one on the far left is a fleece cover (made by me from Malden Mills fleece). The green one in the middle is a PUL cover (one-size WonderWrap). The purple one on the far right is a wool cover (Stacinator). Let's discuss each option:

  • Why use it - great breathability, durable, keeps wetness inside the diaper (although I find that you can "feel" the wetness even though clothing does not become soaked)
  • When to use it - great especially for warmer months when the baby may just be in a diaper. I use it at naptime to keep a little air flowing to Ladybug's sensitive skin!
  • Other brands you might like: Stacinator Fleece, Wallypop Fleece Wrap, SugarPeas Windpro, Polar Bummi


  • Why use it - Holds up in the dryer and for use after use, easy to care for, unbeatable waterproof protection, many options for color and design
  • When to use it - any time... this is the ultimate in diaper cover protection. Just know that PUL is NOT breathable, so if you have a little one with a sensitive bottom (as I do!) you may have to switch out occasionally for a fleece or wool cover.
  • Other brands you might like: Bummis Super Whisper Wrap, Thirsties, Imse Vimse, Mommy's Touch One Size.


  • Why use it - Sheep are waterproof... did you know!? Wool naturally holds lanolin, a waterproof substance that can be reapplied to baby's diaper covers. This is a great option for sensitive babies. Natural fibers are best! Wool can be more difficult to deal with, but lanolizing is easy if you have a spray or a wash.
  • When to use it - any time! Many moms choose to even go the route of using Longies or Shorties or Skirties instead of a diaper cover and pants/skirts. These are fully waterproofed and easy to slip on. Also, if you're a crafty mama and want to make your own, there are TONS of free patters online!
  • Other brands you might like: Imse Vimse, Aristocrats, Little Beetle

That's a VERY short, quick run down on options. If budget is an issue, just pick up a pack of Gerber covers from Walmart and start with those until you can (unless you like Gerbers, and that's just fine!) buy what you want! Seriously, cloth diapering CAN be pricey, but ONLY if you let it! I have a friend who uses prefolds and Gerber covers with an extra doubler at night and her little guy is PERFECTLY happy and they are saving an enormous amount of money by not purchasing disposable diapers!

Happy Diapering!

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