Starting Again

The Lord has really convicted me again recently about my habits and the way that I choose to spend my time. My flesh is SO WEAK! There are so many moments in my day that I choose to be selfish and sit down for some blog reading time rather than doing that one task that my husband asked me to complete. I have an ideal in my head of daily/weekly/monthly tasks I would like to accomplish, but instead of doing them, the perfectionist in me says, "You'll fail. Don't even try." So I don't! Like this little bird above, I realized once again that I am free to fly because HE is holding me!
Well, today is the day. "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me." I am taking a step today to walk down the RIGHT path of blessing my home and family with all the energy the Lord gives me each day. I have some goals:
  1. Be prepared to begin preschool with Firefly starting in one week.
  2. Complete one household cleaning task a day. Working on a "workable" schedule for us.
  3. Bite off chunks of larger projects each day. (i.e. - Spanish tutoring homework, garage sale organizing, Sunday School prep work)

I have been feeling SO GUILTY lately over things I am not doing, or things I am not able to do. The Lord reminded me that guilt does NOT come from Him. Convicition comes from Him. If I am convicted, I will seek His strength to change. If I am feeling guilty I will stuff it down and try to ignore the issue without looking to His wisdom and truth.

Tomorrow is a new day. I know what we're going to eat for dinner, I have the postal mail ready to send out, and I have an idea of the cleaning projects I'm going to attempt. Off to bed...

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