Remember the story of the poor widow with the 2 copper coins? (Check out Mark 12:41-44) Jesus was touched by her sacrifice and explained to his disciples that she had actually giving more because she was giving all she had.
I would like to tell you about “Joanne”. I’ve never met her but she is a beautiful Christian lady who lives at the nursing home where my mom visits with a ministry group. She is a younger lady (as nursing home residents go) who has cerebral palsey and needs to live under care because both of her parents have passed away.
This past Tuesday my mom was asked to share about us and our ministry at the nursing home during their weekly visit. Joanne talked with the ministry leader that evening and asked about whether individuals were giving financially towards our ministry. When she received an affirmative answer she explained that she wanted to personally contribute towards our ministry!
“What does a nursing home resident with a debilitating disease have to offer?”, you may ask.
This truly brought tears to my eyes.
Joanne wants to give us her bingo money from the weekly bingo night at the nursing home. This will about to the equivalent of those 2 copper coins… but oh, the fragrance of that offering!
We are SO thankful for individuals like Joanne who, like all of our supporters, are giving from their hearts towards our ministry. God is so pleased when we give selflessly and sacrificially. May He increase my faith to be like Joanne’s.

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