An experiment

One of the things we have to do as we prepare to move is really pare down our possessions and make significant decisions about what is really necessary for our lives there. Some important factors we are considering are:
  1. We'll be living in significantly smaller housing than we are currently
  2. The people we minister with and to have decidedly less than we have. We don't want to be bogged down by the amount of things we've toted along!
  3. Our lifestyle will be simpler and very budget-conscious. Even more so than it is now! The more things we have, the more money it takes to care for them.

My husband has done some searching and research and he found these storage lockers from that we are planning to use for some of our packing. They are the biggest dimensions allowed by airlines and have a locking mechanism for a padlock.

In efforts to practice and determine what really fits, my husband and I have both looked through our entire wardrobe and picked out the essential items (or ones that we'd really like to have) and done a "test run" to see how they fit into the trunk. Here is my trial run:

Before... a nice sized locker!

ALL the clothes in my "to take" pile.

This is going to be pretty tight...

With a little coaxing, it closed!

That went pretty well considering I had a parka, bulky sweatshirt, and a large pair of shoes involved. PLUS, it was even super close to the 50 lb. weight limit!! That was amazing to me. The only thing missing was some pj's, which I'm on the hunt for. In the area we're going, those won't be bulky, so I don't have to worry.

Leave me a comment about what items YOU'D absolutely take with you if you were fitting all of your wardrobe in a suitcase!
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