Big News

This week we've had several "big" breakthrough's with news from our organization regarding our upcoming move. We're at 75% support level, which is SUPER exciting! We began some conversations regarding the point at which we could set a date to actually go.
  1. Our South American director informed us that we will NOT need to raise funding for building a house (about $15,00 saved!) as we are not sure whether we will stay permanently in our initial city once training is completed.
  2. Our North American director told us that we needed to begin working on obtaining our visas and should begin to tell our supporters and families that we'll be departing in January after the holidays!

I must say that the first piece of news was a little unnerving to me. Without our "own house" this could mean that we will be living in a dorm-room sized dwelling with no kitchen and no "privacy" for about 18 months. Or, we could live in a house like this. Either way, this was not my plan! Haha... I'm learning to throw those out the window!

The second part was MUCH more exciting and has me a little more focused on planning for the next few months. This being September 1st (tomorrow) I only have 4 months to finish planning, selling, sorting, packing, and moving my family of 4 down to South America. Crazy times! The Lord is so good. I give Him all the glory for bringing us this far is such a short amount of time!

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