Baby Steps

photo courtesy of freewebs

Well, the Lord is so gracious and good! The past 2 days of working on everything have been going well thanks to His provision and grace. Isn't He wonderful and oh, so faithful?! I have been able to get up earlier than the girls for the past 2 days and spend time in His word and in prayer. Yesterday when I finished my reading and both girls woke up almost at the same time I brought them into the playroom with me, kept the lights low, gave Firefly her Story Bible and rocked with Ladybug while I spoke with the Lord. Those quiet moments were so precious and I am so grateful for them! I am hoping to continue this trend of treating the hours before 7am as quiet time for all of us. Instilling this into our mornings will hopefully create space for my children to have their own quiet time with the Lord in the future. I enjoyed reading this amazing post on these principles thanks to Joy!
I have begun to search for a good Children's Bible to purchase for Firefly before we head to Peru. She is 3.5 now and will be reading before we return on our first furlough. I want her to have a quality copy of God's Word in her hands as one of her first reading options. I don't want a story Bible, but a great children's version. Any advice?
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