About Me

Hello to you! I hope that you are enjoying my blog and want you to know that I am doing some changes around here... do you like the new "do"? :-) Watch for some more changes coming in the near future.

I wanted to introduce myself a little bit more since I haven't done that as of yet on my blog. I am married to a wonderful man who is my very best friend and am the blessed mother of two little girls, whom I will call "Firefly" (3 years) and "Ladybug" (1 year).

Our family is currently is transition and on our way to South America as missionaries with a wonderful organization that the Lord has blessed us with. (If I seem a bit obscure, please know that I am only seeking to protect the work we are doing and the family I am caring for!)

I am searching and praying for a good "focus" for this blog... here are a few "factoids" about me that will help you identify my direction:

  1. I LOVE a bargain! I am an avid reader of coupon blogs, shop at Aldi's, and frequent my Salvation Army on 50% off day.

  2. I am in love with a God who has uniquely gifted me as a woman, a wife, and a mother for the particular family I have been given. I seek to serve Him by serving them daily. I'm certainly not perfect at this, and I STRUGGLE with pride and selfishness... yet He strengthens me for my tasks (Prov. 31).

  3. I am a homeschool mom (for the moment... and praying the Lord will provide for that to continue) adapting to the ever changing needs of my young girls and constantly seeking new ways to thrill them with learning. I also developed a blog to record some of those pathways as well.
I want to glorify the Lord with everything written on this blog, and I pray that you will be blessed my sharing a little in my journey. What God is doing is awesome and I give Him all the praise and glory for it!
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