Super Savings Saturday

Well, this weekend was SUCH a great experience! DH and I went out to the Search of PA used curriculum sale and homeschool conference. It was HUGE and we were both a bit overwhelmed, but we were able to find several VERY helpful people and found our way to the used book room (where we were again overwhelmed!) and found TONS of great books for both girls. The biggest find were these:

a set of Mcguffey Readers for only $20!! I had these growing up and read from them for my own schooling. This set retails for at least $100 in most places. Great find!

Also, DH and I went grocery shopping afterwards and picked up some great deals there as well, thanks to Coupon Clipping Momma! My favorite find was Kraft Bagelfuls which ended up being .89 after sales and coupons! They are SOOOO good!

Great weekend for deals! I praise the Lord for providing all these great resources to save so much money!

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