Menu Plan Monday

Well, we've had another busy weekend... does it ever end?! I'm beginning to think not with these two LOs running under my feet. Thank goodness for meal planning! My parents are also visiting this week (but are spending their visit in their motor home). We will be eating some meals with them and some here... plus a few meals out... so my "plan" is very fluid this week.

Cereal (we have an abundance thanks to great coupon deals!)
Bagels (purchased on the quick sale rack)
English Muffins (purchased on the quick sale rack)

Lunchmeat sandwiches
English Muffin pizzas
Soup with crackers and cheese

Tuna and Sun-dried Tomatoes
Skillet Lasagne
Frozen Pizzas with fresh lettuce salad
Chicken Macaroni casserole

Back in a few with Worship Wednesday!
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