Garage Sale Finds for Super Savings Saturday!

What a morning I had garage sailing! Wow. It has been a while and I walked away with AMAZING deals. I had a $20 budget and several specific things in mind to watch for... but you just never know what is going to come by! Here are the highlights of what I found... and I give all the praise to God for helping me find these deals!

Unopened package of 25 12x12 top loading sheets - $.10
5 yards of beautiful gauze fabric - $.10
Unopened Skype Headset - $2
Katy No Pocket - $.25
Green Eggs and Ham - $.50
4 pocket folders - $.40
1 pack of Crayola markers - $.10
For Firefly:
4 pairs of pants - $4
1 lightweight jacket - $1
2 summer dresses - $2
For Ladybug:
2 pairs of summer shoes - $.50 (for BOTH)
1 pair of capris with the tags still on! - $1
And the BIG purchase... perhaps the most exciting...
A professional tri-fold display board - $5

Why is this exciting, you ask? Well, we are currently using foam board for our church displays when we go to talk with churches. This will allow us to have a "professional" looking display and easily change out the information and photos, as they are attached with velcro. I have never seen these cheaper than $200. What a find!
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