Frugal Friday

Garage Sales! Gotta love 'em! My mom and I used to do it ALL the time when I was growing up. There is nothing like walking into someone's cozy front yard or garage and walking away with an absolutely amazing steal-of-a-deal on a Saturday morning!

I am planning on hitting two HUGE sales tomorrow morning at 8am and following that up with a smaller neighborhood sale nearby. I'll be excited to share what I find! I am on the lookout for:

5-6T clothes for Firefly
4/5 toddler shoes for Ladybug
Homeschooling supplies (anything and everything that sparks my creativity!)
30/31 Men's jeans WITHOUT HOLES!
6T winter coat/snowsuit for Firefly
9/10 toddler snowboots

How do you FIND those great garage sales? I spend Wednesday searching through our local paper and circling/mapquesting the sales. Then I check Craigslist for garage sales and check out Garage Sale Tracker to see if there are any listings. I also keep an eye out while I'm out and about during the week as many sellers post their signs a week or so in advance.

It's been a while since I've done serious garage-sailing. I checked with DH this week and he's ok with me going early while he watches Firefly and Ladybug. That's definitely a key to successful garage sailing! I'm going to set a budget for myself and try to stick to it! (It's nice that they don't take plastic at sales!)

Oh, and if you're still considering cloth diapering, check out The Simple Mom this week, as she is hosting tons of great info on the subject!!
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