Frugal Friday

Yes, it's Thursday... I'm working ahead! Yeay for getting up at 5 am!! :-)

I'm working on developing some weekly preschool-type activities for my DD. She turned 3 in April and already knows all of her uppercase letters. I'd like to focus on the lower case so we can begin to see words in books and start to learn the sounds they make. I have the Hooked on Phonics Letter Names curriculum that I bought several years ago at a discount store which has a workbook for lower case. They also have the letters to collage and/or decorate in the workbooks. I found this website which has a great list of ideas for putting on each letter (applejacks for "A", eggshells for "E", etc.)
There are SO MANY great FREE printables and ideas online for doing preschool work like this!!! You do NOT have to purchase a curriculum for preschoolers. Here is my favorite online curriculum that I will also be utilizing. Keep updated on my blog to see more free resources to keep your homeschooling options down in cost! Just do a google search for "free preschool curriculum" and you'll be amazed!

Other great FREE preschool links:
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