Menu Plan Monday

So in efforts to use up all of our food while we are still here at the missions training program, here is our meal plan for the week:
Breakfasts: Oatmeal, Cereal, Jelly Biscuts, Bagels, Eggs, fruit
Lunches: Egg Salad, Grilled Cheese, Crackers, Tuna Fish, PB&J, tomato soup, Pretzel sticks, carrot sticks, apples, pears, grapes
Monday - BBQ Chicken drumsticks, french fries, canned corn
Tuesday - Leftover Chicken Casserole w/ canned green beans
Wednesday - Mac N' Cheese for our Community Potluck
Thursday - Roast Chicken, sweet potatoes, refrigerator biscuts
Friday - Anything that's left!
I can't wait to get home and start BAKING and COOKING for my family again! It's been tough here to keep up on making bread and snacks. We've spent a lot of extra money and eaten a lot of things we probably shouldn't... but starting a week from today that will all be different! :-) If only I could remember what was in the freezer at home...
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