I need a break from packing, so I'm going to take a minute to get my thoughts in order.

I still have to pack:
  1. Our clothes - some in the dryer right now
  2. Bathroom stuff - need to organize what I have in the tub already
  3. Printer
  4. Break down the pack and play - after DD's nap today
  5. Bottles/sippy cups
  6. Cooler - dinner, soups, butter, juice,

And I still need to clean by doing:

  1. Bathroom tub/sink/toilet/floor??
  2. Vacuum
  3. Dust
  4. Put away clutter

I'm exhausted. Did I mention that?? Here's what I did at Walmart yesterday:

  1. Razor pack for hubby - $2.42 with a $2.00 coupon= $.42
  2. Razor pack for me - $5.16 (got 2 bonus to make a 6 pack) with a $2 coupon = $3.16
  3. Pepto Bismal x2 - $7.67 with a $1/2 coupon = $6.67 or $3.34 each

I had a $2/2 coupon for more free Johnson Buddies, but apparantly my Walmart doesn't accept internet coupons anymore. Weird. Oh well. Such is life. I was a little surprised since I was just there a few weeks ago and got 3 free with a $3/3 coupon, printed off the internet! Have to choose my cashiers carefully now... haha.

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