Traveling with the Girls

We went to the Zoo this moring with the girls... a last hoorah before the really cold weather sets in, I think. It took us about 45 minutes to an hour to get there, and I was already dreading an 8-10 hour trip in a few months. WHAT DO I DO WITH TWO KIDS IN THE CAR?!?!!? Fortunately, blessedly, DD#2 is super content and just sits most of the day anyway. Things could change with her in a few months, but she's used to being stuck somewhere for a while. DD#1 on the other hand, is a super active 2, almost 3 year-old with lots of energy and not much patience! Here are some really good articles and tips that I want to log in and save for future reference:

A great travel game and snack tray for the carseat
A travel tray/footrest combination to keep those dangling legs comfortable
Neck supports for kids who will be sleeping for a while in the car
Quiet Car Games for kids
Fold-up Potty seat with handles
Inflate-a-Potty for the car
Fold-Up suitcase potty for the car

Travel hints for DD#1:
Activities and advice for travelling with toddlers
Long distance car travel
Road trips with kids

Travel hints for DD#2:
Activities and advice for travelling with babies
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