My project

So I finally decided to MAKE something, instead of just LINKING to a bunch of ideas! I wanted to make a pair of wool longies out of the sleeves of a sweater I had leftover. I used this tutorial. Here's the fruits of my labor last night:
I started with a felted Polo sweater from the thrift store.
Then I cut off the sleeves and used a pair of DD#2's pants (12 months) to figure out where to cut down for the inseam.
I was left with two halves and just had to figure out how much to take them in so they'd fit her.
When these were done I also sewed a casing and threaded elastic through the top for the waistband.
I decided to make an outfit out of it, so I had a cute shirt and skirt set from DD#1 that she wasn't wearing anymore (hand-me-down that just didn't work for us). First, I cut out the cow applique from the skirt and zigzagged it onto the front of the pant leg.
Then I had the size 3T shirt to deal with... so I laid it out...
...and laid one of DD#2's 12 month shirts on top for a guide.
I simply cut along the 12 month shirt and was left with a smaller version of the 3T. You can see the piece that I cut out... I opened up the shirt to re-sew the seams with the right sides together.
This is the result! But I didn't have cuffs for the pants... I had already used the sweater cuffs to make a soaker from the sweater... as well as the neckline for a second soaker...
So I finegaled the cut off portion of the shirt to make a casing for elastic and viola! A super cute longies set for my DD. It took about an hour an a half...
...and I'm pretty pleased with the result! :-)
(She christened her new outfit with some lovely drool)

So there, I completed a project! :-) It was so fun!

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