A new fun idea that my DH has fallen in love with... and wants us to try as a family! I must say that at first, I was thinking, ANOTHER thing to fit into my morning... but the more I research, the more excited I am about trying this!

Laptop Lunches - an Americanized version of the "Bento" craze
Lunch in a Box - a GREAT website from an uber-organized and committed mom. She has AMAZING ideas, pictures, articles, shopping, TONS
Cooking Cute - Another blog-type website from a bento expert. Great recipies and organization ideas.

Where do you GET these adorable, and oh-so-fun "Bento" boxes and accessories? If you can't take a trip to Japan, here's some other ideas:

  • Cooking Cute has a GREAT list of resources for purchasing Bento supplies
  • Ichiban Kan - a fascinating discount Japanese supply store out of S.F. SUPER cheap Bento stuff! It's like a dollar store for bento!
  • Lots on Ebay to choose from!

And how about some Bento-style recipies?

Laptop Lunchbox has a GREAT list of foods and planning ideas for Bento lunches. They even have a cute "weekly Bento picture" that I'll add to my blog. Check back for inspirational Bento ideas!

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