WOW... that was easy!

I just made TWO wool soakers in under an hour! It was SO easy, and SO fun!!! I used this pattern (easy and great for beginners!) The sweater I used was 100% wool. I "felted" it by washing it once on HOT and then drying it twice. Worked like a charm!

Here's my creation. I used the ugliest sweater that I bought today, just to try out the idea/pattern. And it kind of blends in with my carpetting... so just take my word for it, it's not too shabby! :-)

Next I have a pretty yellow sweater and a fun minty green with an ivory stripe. I'm excited about that one... I also want to make sweater pants or "longies" for winter. DD#2 will be so cute! Here's a link on how to make "Babylegs" to go with the shorties to make them more like longies. Here's another without pictures... but good instructions.

And two more... Make your own and pictoral instructions.

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