Thinking about wool soakers... especially for nighttime diapering... here's links I like so far:

Martha's World - Making wool longies from a recycled sweater
Frugal Baby Tips - picture pattern for recycled shorties
Recycled Wool Longies - sizing ideas
Sweaterpants Instructions
Awesome tutorial/pattern - instructions, the pattern, the rest of the links

I've been making a diaper a day now... DD#2 had her first official ALL cloth day today! Whoo hoo! I started cutting down the infant prefolds that I purchased also to see if I could alter them to make the inserts I'm trying to achieve. So far, so good. I also went on Diaper Swappers today and purchased 6 hemp inserts to see how those work. Tomorrow our BIG fluffy mail package arrives... 6 shiny new BumGenius 3.0 diapers for DD#2! We decided to bite the bullet and get those for nighttime diapering, as those are the ONLY ones to not all her to be soaked through and through (including sposies!). We decided that these would last until she was out of diapers altogether, so the investment was worth it...

I'm going to put together a "price list" of the things I've purchased so far... not much, I know that!
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