A trade...

I was on my Cafemom cloth diapering group the other day, and a mom there wanted to trade her M/L diaper covers for someone's S/M covers, or other newborn/infant diapering stuff. I offered to make her 3 fitteds for 2 of her Wonderwraps. She accepted! This is what I made her. I just finished tonight:
I made these from material that my mom sent me using the Mamabird pattern. She had cut the pieces for a size "medium", but I just cut it down to the size "little". The inside of the dipers are made from two old flannel crib sheets that we weren't using. The first one I made is the one with a blue inner (the one on the bottom left) and I made it using the actual pattern instructions... NEVER AGAIN! I made the other two using seam allowance elastic as described in the Rita's Rump Pattern. That worked MUCH better, they were trimmer, tighter, and layed much nicer. BUT, these were "free" diapers for this mama, so she doesn't mind the glich. If there wasn't so much competition out there, I'd consider going into business for myself. :-)

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