I hate them. I greatly dislike dealing with money and would rather just spend it without having to think about the "budget". I do enjoy shopping, but I also LOVE to find a bargain. I refuse to spend more than I need to on something and often you can find me at the Salvation Army on Wednesdays, where EVERYTHING is 50% off of the already ridiculously low prices. Even then I'll pass something up b/c I don't want to spend the $$.

Anyway, I found a great article in my WD magazine that I thought was both inspiring and thought-provoking. Brings out a whole new resolve to "save" more than I want to "spend". Check it out.

DD#2 is sleeping in the Moby wrap right now b/c she's figured out how to roll to her back and she kept doing that all through nap time (yes, my child sleeps on her STOMACH!) and waking herself up. Sigh.
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