Potty Training Day #2

Well, after a challenging morning of potty-stress and temper tantrums [DD#1's, not Mommy's :-)] we had a breakthrough! As DD#1 was throwing the closest thing she's ever had to a full-blown tantrum, she began to wet herself and I realized this and scooped her up, ran her into the bathroom, and plopped her down on the toilet. She finished on the potty and her tantrum quickly changed into a moment of, "OH! Aha!" THEN, later on in the day she started to go #2 in her "big girl panties" and she took off at a run with the words, "Time to go to the potty!" We made it in time to finish up on the potty! WHOO HOO! Success is encouraging for everyone, especially Mommy! :-)

We also continued with Day 4 of our Hands On Homeschooling. Today we did an activity that MOST 2 year olds would have loved! Shaving cream + kitchen table + plastic bag smock should = happy kid. For us, this is how it was received: Haha! Who knew! She did play a little bit once I got my hands in it too... but still wasn't too thrilled! :-) Silly girl. More potty training adventures to come!
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