A beginning...

Well, today was our first "official" day of 2-year old preschool. Haha. It took us about 10 minutes to do our "lessons", which was perfect! DD#1 actually seemed to enjoy it! We're even learning a new verse, which she can repeat back to me VERY well at the end of day #1!
Here's a picture of our little "school area." I bought a calendar for our morning circle time and spent a TON of time lamanating it with sticky laminating paper. Whew. It was worth it though... it will last us a while now. I can't wait to use it with her tomorrow!

We also needed a better way to make sure we do a chore or two in the morning. I've decided to let DD#1 "pick" the chore of the day by reaching into some sort of bag or envelope (still working on that part) and picking out which chores we'll do for that day. I found clipart on Word and printed them out, laminated them (I'm on a role!), and hot glued little magnets to the back. We can put these on our refrigerator to make sure we remember what to do first, second, etc.

Lastly, here's a picture of DD#1's accomplishment for the morning. Today we were supposed to start practicing how to follow a line (for reading later on). DD#1 was to trace the line from the left ball to the right ball starting at the top of the page and working down. She did this successfully several times (with my help at first). Then we moved to working with a crayon. She did it all by herself on the first try! You can see the red and green lines well, but the blue she got a little crazy with (it was before lunch, so her attention span was down to nothing by then)... but she did it! I was so proud (and somewhat surprised at her comprehension) of her!
Day #2 should prove to be interesting! I'm excited about this... we'll see how it goes!
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