Are you sick of cloth diapering yet??

Well, I'm not! Now my next "project" is to make some fleece longies for the cooler weather that is COMING quickly! Yesterday we went to the park with my friend Emily and her DS, my DD#1's best friend! Well, not realizing how chilly it was, I just had DD#2 in her onesie, a hoodie, and her Babylegs! Poor thing was so cold! She needs some soaker pants! My mom is coming today for a visit and is bringing me some fleece. I also picked up a fleece blanket at the dollar store that was on clearance to make something for DD#2's next size up, but now I'm realizing that she needs some longies! I'm going to have to draft a pattern, b/c I can't find anything that works for fleece that's already marked out. I'm also planning on making some recycled wool longies, but that's another project. Here's the links for today:

Flat pants (last project on the page): easy to make, out of rectangles, center panel that can be adjusted for extra soaking ability.
Pants from a tshirt: could also use the fleece... or any material for that matter
A drafted longies pattern: use specific measurements for your child (from DiaperSwappers)
An easy pattern for fleece or wool: Use the sleeves of a sweater or fleece pull-over

Also, in my browsing today, I found another idea for a cute craft project... this one for DD#1 (she'll be so excited that Mommy is finally making something for HER!) Here is the tutorial with pictures.
And another fun idea for a few tshirts that DH keeps saying, "Isn't that a little tight?"
And finally, DH and I really want/need to get back into the "dating scene"... with each other, that is! Here's the beginnings of a great list of FREE dates!
New sites that I've found that I love:
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