Things I've been learning...

There is so much going on in our lives right now... so many exciting things! The Lord is really using some of these amazing people to speak to my heart and He is using His Word to change my heart. I'm so blessed to be called into His service, as we all are, but it's been amazing to see how He is working and using me. I have no idea what my future will look like in ministry, but I do know that I have much to learn in the meantime. I have a heart for teaching and women's ministry... what does that look like in Peru? WHO KNOWS!

I've been introduced to the idea of taking a Bible Correspondence course from Moody Bible Institute. A lady from our church is also taking this in preparation for her ministry with BCM. It looks do-able and might be something that I could complete in a short amount of time... or at least as much time as I'll have before we go to Peru. It would involve reading the entire Bible and getting a certificate upon completion of the course. Read more about it here.

I'm excited to get into the next phase of our preparation. We prepared and practiced our BCM presentation this morning and we had a fun time getting creative ideas and feedback as we anticipate sharing our ministry with other churches.
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