I did it!

I'm so excited! I made my first diaper this afternoon! After a long break from anything "normal" while we were at our Candidate Orientation, I finally got a minute to do something creative this afternoon. I made my first diaper using the Wee Weka pattern found here. It was a great pattern that has a lot of great instructions and flexibility. The only difficulty is that it was in metric, so the concepts were sometimes a little hard to grasp, but since my tape measure has both standard and metric, I was A-ok.
Here's how it turned out!

This is the finished product. Here's the breakdown of the layers:
  1. Outer layer of a simple 100% cotton fabric that I had laying around. It's cute, I had it, it was free...
  2. Inbetween layer of an old baby towel. This was a little tough to work with, I'll see how the others go... the material stretched as I was cutting it, so the actual piece was a bit smaller than my other pieces. Plus when I sewed it, it kept wrinkling and stretching. I might rethink this layer...
  3. Next to DD#2 is an old flannel receiving blanket. Soft, reusable. Excellent.
  4. Stuffed with a DSQ newborn diaper. I folded and sewed a little bit on one end and then left the other open to spread out over the bottom end.

This is the inner layer of an old receiving blanket.

This is the outer layer of the cotton material. The strip of velcro is a bit high... I might put that down farther on the next dipe.

This is the diaper and the stuffing prefold. She lasted in this diaper for about 3 hours.

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