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So, I really want to try to do prefolds to fitted. Here's a great step-by-step photo and instruction sheet that I found on one of my Yahoo groups:
And here are the instructions to go with them:
I used Premium regular size prefolds You
could alter the directionsslightly for a smaller or larger size. I plan on
buying a fewpremie and infant sized to alter for the next baby. The regular
isjust right on my 8 month-old 18 lb baby with room to grow.
1. Start by tacking elastic along the top/back under the surgeline. Zigzag
tack 1/2 from either side stretched to outer edges ofcenter layers. Stretch as
much as needed to meet your needs. Ithink I've been using about 1 1/2 to 2
inches. This give a sidestretch. I've found it stretches better than along the
centersection due to the thickness difference, but if you want to try itin the
center, go for it!
2. Add in snaps (non-poky side) or velcro to both sides along thesame line
as elastic, about 1/4 to 1/2 inch from outer edges. Youwill be folding the edge
down, so sew them on wrong-side down.If you don't want closures you can leave
this step out and securewith pins or Snappis. I zigzag stitch the elastic and
snaps. I amprefering prefastened snap strips. Pull it apart and put 3 snaps
oneach side, sewn onto the very outer edge so the strips stick outlike the
tape/velcro of disposables. You would sew the velcro inthe same way. (With
velcro, I would add fold back tabs.)3. Fold over, and while stretching out to
full length, carefully sewa seam following the surging line already on the
prefolds. Becareful to not sew onto the elastic.
4. Rotate to bottom/front of diaper. (If not using snap strips orvelcro,
skip to step 5.) Sew velcro or snap strip (poky side) toouter edge at desired
height, leaving room to fold down andstitch. I leave enough room for folding the
edge back over tpallow a good inch or 2 from snap line to top edge. (I just
measuredit at 3 1/4 inches from the raw edge.) I use 6 snaps across themiddle
section. (My snap strips were too narrow to sew nicely alongouter edges, so I
zigzag stitched vertical lines along outer edgesand between each snap.)
5. Fold down/in about 2-4 inches depending on size for prefold andbaby.
Fold corners of flap in/under. Sew straight seam along all 3folded edges. (Looks
kind of like a sealed envelope.)
6. Mark for side elastic gussets by folding sides in so the outeredge is
flush with the closest inner section seam. That fold is theline you want to tack
the elastic to. I use a pencil to mark theinside. (It's actually easier to
measure out before sewing.) Imake 2 marks about 6-7 inches apart, one near top
of dipe and onenear bottom. I tack the elastic (1/4 inch) on the mark closest
tothe back of the diaper. Don't cut elastic, yet. It's easier to dothe next step
without having to stretch the elastic out whilesewing.
7. Fold the side back in with elastic on the inside, then fold overagain so
the second fold brings the material over into the middlesection of dipe. The
elastic is now hidden inside the fold. Then Isew a strait seam 3/4 to 1 inch
from the outside fold, being carefulto not sew in the elastic. Go the full 6-7
between both tackarks. This sets up your gusset. Pull eastic until you
reachdesired stretchiness, then hold tight or pin and zigzag stitch overtack
spot near fold. Cut elastic or see step 7 for alternate idea.
8. If you want to be fancier, you can stretch again and tack downright
under front side corder for added stretch.REPEAT steps 6-8 for other side.
9. For a more finished look, sew along folded in outer edge fromgusset seam
to outer corners.It sounds complicated, but it's not bad. The great thing is
sinceyou are not cutting the diaper at all, you can use a seamripper whenyou
make a mistake. (I've ripped a lot of seams so far.) Mybiggest tip is to
remember to drop your foot completely each time.It is often thick enough that it
feels tight even without the footdropped. But when I don't drop it, the machine
"pukes" thread allover the place. I can try to take pics as I go with the next
one,so you can get a better feel. You could also just do the gussetsand fold in
the top and bottom each time you fasten to baby. Thatwould still help contain
the poopies and make changing a littlequicker.
So, there ya go! Things are going well here at Candidate Orientation. I'll be excited when it's the Train the Trainer sessions next week... more to come on all of the things I've learned here.
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