It's been a while since I've had a chance to post. My parents were here for a week visiting with their grand-girls! :-) We had a lovely visit and enjoyed one another's company. It's been since April that they were able to come out to see us. Evenings were spent visiting, when I usually post, so I took a hiatus from the blog and spent some face time with my mom!

My Flylady habits are going well (I think...) I'm now consistently doing a Swish and Swipe after I shower in the morning... and I bought a dishpan, so my sink is staying MUCH cleaner and ready to use at a moment's notice (i.e. - Zoe had a huge blowout). I've got a schedule that I'm keeping close to. It was nice to have my mom as a distraction for Gwen while I tried to catch up on some stuff and get ahead as well.

Ok... so basically my weekly schedule is as follows:

Monday: Weekly Home Blessing Hour

Tuesday: Spend 15 minutes in the current Zone, Finish Weekly Home Blessing

Wednesday: Zone Clean and Partial Desk Day (Work on menus, grocery lists, balance check book)

Thursday: Paperwork and Misc. (File papers, tidy desk, Clean out purse and car, get food from freezer for next week)

Friday: Grocery and Errand Day

Saturday: Family Fun Day

Sunday: Renew Your Spirit Day

More to come...

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