Random things...

Just a few things I randomly thought to post about... completely unrelated, but interesting enough to share:

Tomorrow is my second "Weekly Home Blessing Hour". I'm excited about it! I have to do several chores that will make my home sparkle! Gwen gets to use her blue feather duster for the first time... I'm looking forward to that!

I heard a lady talking on the radio tonight about how she was an agnostic... and not just any agnostic... she was an "evangelical agnostic". I've never heard that term before, but it saddened me! This is a group of people who go around trying to convince people that they are "ok" to just live life content with thinking that, if there is a God, He is unknowable. Oh, how horrible it would be to get to the end of one's life never knowing the Amazing God that we can serve! I praise Him that He chose me as His child!

I saw today an amazing answer to prayer. We are heading out to our BCM Candidate Orientation very soon but there was no childcare prepared. As a mother, there is NO way that I would be able to relax and learn with the knowledge that my girls were not cared for as I'd like. Instead... the Lord provided a wonderful college girl from our church whose parents are paying HER to spend the week with us as a nanny. Amazing. We were prepared to pay her and had spent the afternoon deciding how much was fair... God provided. If only we would just "cease striving" and allow Him to work out the details! Thank you, Lord!

Alright... Zoe is finally quiet so I'd better get to bed before I lose precious sleeping time! I leave you with these scrapbook pages from our recent zoo trip:

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