New Endeavors

Ok, so I've started yet ANOTHER new thought process in my busy life as a mom! I want to start doing OAMC... what's that, you ask? Once A Month Cooking! Or Freezer Cooking, or Investment Cooking... whatever your term, I WANT TO DO IT! I am getting better at menu planning, but I'd really like to get ahead and be able to make meals and pop them in the freezer. Now, I don't think that at this point I can REALLY just cook once a month... but at least I can get a few meals in the freezer! I've also sent out an email to several moms to see if they want to join a freezer cooking co-op. We'll see... I've got 2 yes's and 2 no's. We'd each make several batches of the same main dish and then exchange them once a month so we'd each get 5 or 6 different meals with the effort of one! Here's a great blog I found with a group of women who actually do this in practice.

And... on to endeavor #2 for this week... CLOTH DIAPERS! Yikes! Am I serious? YOU BET! I've been researching and checking out different brands and styles. My ultimate favorite so far are Bumgenius diapers. They are AIO (all-in-one) diapers that grow with your child, so you make one investment, take care of it, and they'll last ALL through diapering years! So... we'll see how it goes. I'm still investigating...

So that's my news and updated goals for the moment! More exciting things to come!
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