Just some thoughts...

I've been so busy mulling over this diaper-researching project that I haven't had time to do much else. I wanted to just put some things down "on paper" that I've been doing/dealing with the past few weeks/days...

First of all, I've been dealing with a LOT of whining from DD #1 recently when DD #2 is being held or attended to. It's a difficult thing to firmly tell your 2 year old that, NO, Mommy can't hold you all the time, and you need to deal with me taking care of your little sister! What a concept for a 2 year old mind (and an "only-child" Mommy!). We're praying through this time knowing that someday, things will click and she won't have to be so whiny all the time. More structure in the September month will help. We'll be starting our Hands On Homeschooling routine and getting back into things like MOPS and Ladies Bible Study. Those things tend to make routines out of our days. The summer is SO laid back! I struggle without structure... how am I going to manage in Peru!? :-)

Secondly, I've been working on getting the girls to a place where they can FINALLY share the bedroom and DD#2 won't have to be in the pack-n-play in the living room anymore. She had her 4 month check up today and was 14.5 pounds! The raised bed on the pack-n-play is only up to 15 lbs. Yikes! Time to move kiddo! The first time this week that I napped them together DD#2 woke up every 20 minutes for her pacifier to be stuck back in... not a big deal when she was out in the living room! HOWEVER, DD#1 didn't get much of a nap that day. The next day, when the routine started all over again and I had to run in to get her every 15-20 minutes before she woke up DD#1, I said, "That's it! The pacifier is DONE!" So... DD#2 spent the next 30 minutes by herself in the pack-n-play screaming bloody murder. Other than a short time after the doctor's office today, and a few moments before her evening nap tonight, she hasn't had it since... and, praise the Lord, she's been doing really well! She fusses for a minute or ten, but then she finds her finger and settles down. HOORAY! This will be MUCH nicer for our time at BCM orientation in two weeks.

Tomorrow is my big OAM shopping day. I'm taking BOTH the girls with me, but instead of going to Aldi's, like we usually do, I'm going to the local chain grocery store to see if we can't do just as well with a better "entertainment" system for DD#1. Last time we ran in for a few things, she got to ride in one of the cart "cars" (like a little tykes car attached to the front of the cart) and DD#2 could still go in the seat area in her carseat. It's tough with two and needing to fill up the cart for a month's worth of groceries! At Aldi's, DD#1 went in the front seat and DD#2 went in my Moby wrap. It worked mostly ok, but DD#2 is getting bigger, and wants to see more!

I've commissioned my mom to help out with making DD#2's cloth diapers. We're in the midst of researching and discussing. She's taking a trip to JoAnn Fabric's very soon to check on the price of materials! I'm excited!
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