Diaper research

My head is spinning. I've been researching cloth diapering for HOURS it seems! Here's some links to what I've found so far:
A website that will let you "rent" a variety of cloth diapers for 2 weeks to try them out: Diaper Daisy
A website that gives you 4 different AIO diapers for $74 dollars: Diaperco
A website that has several "sample" and "trial" packages: Kelly's Closet
They also have a sister-site that provides an amazing "Get Started" package which I'm highly considering for Bumgenius: Click here
A "dictionary" of cloth diapering terms: DiaperPin
Why choose a Pocket Diaper vs. an AIO

These are a "pocket" diaper which include an insert that make them super absorbant. Bumgenius also has an AIO (all-in-one) diaper, but you have to buy different sizes as the child grows.

These are also a nice diaper... but they are not as "raved" about as BumGenius.

Mommy's Touch AIO Diaper

These are nice... but they don't have the stretchy tabs like the other two. They're also MUCH cheaper at $180 for 12... but are they as good? I'd have to get a few to compare.

Happy Heiny's and Bumgenius are about the same price-wise. I can get 12 Bumgenius diapers for $203 and 12 Happy Heiny's for $215. I'm pretty sold on getting Velcro or Aplix instead of snaps because I know how my girls are usually NOT the right size in the waist for most pants. I'd prefer a snug fit with velcro vs. a possible gapping with snaps.

Whew! What a workout! I'm ready for Curves now! :-)

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