With our Candidate Orientation coming up in two weeks, I decided it was time to get the girls used to being together in a room. DD#2 is fine with DD#1... she sleeps through ANYTHING. But DD#1, well, she's a bit of a "routine" girl... anything different or out of the ordinary is a challenge for her. We'll see! I put them in together for the first time today. I'm sure for a "seasoned" mom, this seems silly and ridiculous... but it's a big change for us! Mommy GREATLY values her sleep, so I decided that it was better to get them used to stuff here where it becomes "normal" rather than try to make them adjust with all of the other changes during Candidate Orientation.

My sample BumGenius diaper is on the way for tomorrow's diaper delivery from I'm excited!! I think I'll try her in it for a day while she's awake between her mid-morning feeding and the 1 o'clock nap. That should give me a good idea... then I'll wash it and try it again at a different time when DH can use it too. Hooray!

Ok... time to check on the little ones... I hope they keep sleeping this peacefully! :-)

UPDATE: I went to check on them and couldn't resist a picture. They're so cute!

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