A shiny sink...

Well, I did it... I shined my sink. Actually, I shined it yesterday AND today... apparantly, it's something I now need to do each and every day... and I can tell you that when I get that sink sparkling clean and FREE OF DISHES... its fairly addicting! Now I'm working on organizing myself so that when I want to do Zone Cleaning I can be ready and prepared! I'm going to try working with baking soda, vinegar, and borax solutions so I don't have to think about how much $$ it will cost to clean more frequently than I currently do. It's not that I don't clean, but with Flylady, you do daily "maintenance" so that you don't end up with three months going by before the bathroom gets cleaned again! Here's my list of things to get at the store:

  • Rubber Gloves (I discovered that mine had a hole in the finger... bleach water is yucky on the skin!)
  • A good scrub brush! I don't have one... can't tackle the rings in the bathroom tub.
  • A caddy to keep all of the supplies in for the bathroom
  • Spray bottles for my vinegar solutions.
  • Vinegar, baking soda, and borax (if I'm going to use it... I'll need to stock up!)
  • Swiffer dry mop refills (or something equivalent). Gwen now helps me by doing the Swiffer! I learned that I could take out one section and she can clean along with a mop her own size!
  • A dishpan for my dirty dishes... I have to keep that sink clean and shiny now! :-)

FUN, FUN, FUN!! :-)

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