Back from vacation...

Well, we're back from our girls vacation to LBI, NJ. It was quite the interesting week... and I've come to a draining conclusion...

Vacations are NOT relaxing with my kids!

As much as I love them both, there is NOTHING I dislike more than the crankiness that comes with a lack of sleep, overstimulation, and strange environments. I can't think of many things I appreciate more than being home with a routine!

Our first night there, DD#1 was up screaming and sobbing from three to five in the morning... DD#2 slept like a rock, thank goodness. I think the main difficulty was that DD#1is used to sleeping in a room with NO windows... we live in a basement apartment, and her room is in the middle of the apartment. At LBI, it's as bright as noon by 6 in the morning... not conducive to mommy's need for sleep!

Other than the lack of sleep and busy schedule, we did have a beautiful time at the beach and enjoyed hanging out with all the moms and kids on DH's side of the family. Here's some pictures to prove that we DID enjoy ourselves during the day (not so much at night...)

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