Another new venture...

I seem to be on a roll right now with motivation. Perhaps its because my DD #2 is now 3 months old and I'm ready to get myself back into a routine and an organized life! It's really tough to manage a household, get meals prepared, serve at my church, AND keep up with an extremely active 2 year old and a nursing infant. With the Lord's help, all things are possible!

I've found a new website/system that I am excited to get moving with. I'd heard about it before on different blogs and forums, but for the first time, I actually checked it out myself. It's called FlyLady and it's a system of establishing routines in your life so that everything gets done. There is a gigantic website full of information, free printables, incredible ideas, and, last but not least, methods to get things done with small children underfoot! :-)

Step 1 for me is to shine my sink. I know. It sounds crazy to me too. Why do I have to shine my sink?? WHO CARES?! But, as a type A personality, I am compelled to follow steps in order. So... tomorrow... at some point... I will shine my sink! Alright Flylady... I'm a tough cookie, but I'll give it a try!

Eventually (and this is much more exciting to me) I will establish a "Control Journal". When my DH heard this term, he was a little concerned... but it's simply a household notebook that helps me to see at a glance what my routines are and when/how I need to accomplish them.

So... my goal and task tomorrow is to Shine my Sink. However, in order to do that... I need to clean out the cabinet UNDER the sink... sigh. We'll get there... one Babystep at a time!
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