It's been a while, but I need to keep up with this blog, or I'll never do it again! A mother's work is NEVER done! I'm sitting here with piles of laundry all around, a giant beach tent we got today that I can't figure out how to re-close, and tons of paperwork that needs to be filed. BUT, I spent a wonderful morning playing with my girls! I managed to get the dishes done, AND I successfully put both of them down for an afternoon nap... AT THE SAME TIME! We're learning this 2-kiddo thing...and the Lord will give me the patience and the persistence to get through each day!

This has been one C-R-A-Z-Y week! DH, DD#2, and I went to Akron, PA on Tuesday for a morning at BCM headquarters. It was a great time meeting Dave, Joe, Fern, Al, Larry, and the rest of the crew who we will be working with in the near future. Dave has been our contact person thus far, and it's been a great help to have him available to answer questions we've had. As soon as Candidate Orientation is over in August (10th-23rd) we will be working with the Personell Department (i.e. - Joe and Fern) who will be our main contacts from that point on. They will work with "personal" details of life overseas, such as family issues, furlough, practical needs, etc. I know we'll have a great relationship with them!

Wednesday was supposed to be the first MOPS group at our church. I was asked to be on the "Steering Team" as part of the hospitality ministry... well, God had another plan for Wednesday because DH's truck had to have all 4 brakes redone... we were without a car! Oh well. (More to come on MOPS...)

Thursday was the last Ladies Bible Study before the summer break. We had a wonderful brunch at my pastor's house. His wife is one of the leaders of the study and a beautiful example of hospitality and a gracious hostess. Our fellowship was so sweet this year at study and we had two AMAZING ladies who watched our kids each and every Thursday and have become second grandmothers to our kiddos. What a blessing as young moms to be mentored by older women and have someone love on our little ones at the same time!

The girls and I are preparing for our LBI beach vacation with the rest of the ladies in DH's family... we leave in less than a month! I'm going through the "list" in my head of all the things we'll need to take to get through a week with two girls under the age of 3. Whew! We might need a Uhaul...

Well, I hear the girls stirring from their naps... back to the fast pace of my day! I leave you with some pictures of our blessings.

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