A quiet moment...

Another moment... Zoe is waking up so I can't say much... we're staying in today to avoid the rain. Both girls SLEPT IN!!! It's been a fun morning of getting stuff done and having a conversation with my mom via phone.

In Peru news, we had our FIRST interest in support for our time in Peru! It was so exciting to get that email from some wonderful friends. We love you guys!!

This weekend we were able to go to the Perkasie "Hot Ribs, Cool Jazz" festival. It was a ton of fun! Gwen had a great time and got to play with her cousins. Adam's brother was involved in the rib cookoff and his ribs were by FAR the best.... in my non-professional opinion. :0)

Here's some pictures of Gwen jumping with my nephew and niece. She had a blast!

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