A Note from Iquitos

Here is a note that we received on Saturday after the team got into Iquitos. Things are going well and continue to be slathered in sunscreen and prayer!

Hola mis amigos!
Praise God that The Peru Team 1 has reached its
final destination, Iquitos, Peru. Well almost. We arrived in Iquitos with all
but two things. First, Mark OLearys main bag of clothes was held up in Lima.
Come to find out, Nancy O sent him with enough bug spray to eradicate mosquitos
in Iquitos. The security people in Lima were not happy with that. Victor from
BCM Lima is headed to the Lima airport to remove all toxic bottles and then it
will be on the next plane here.

We searched
and searched the Lima airport for Dawn and come to find out, she had not taken
our missionary training very serious. Dave from BCM said specifically, there is
no I in TEAM. One of our group pointed out that there is a ME but we have just
found out that there is a DAWN in TEAM too. Dawn has formed her own team,
Iquitos Team 2 and will be arriving tomorrow. Really she could not get on the
flights because they were way too crowded.
Tody we have set up our sleeping
quarters and hung all of the mosquito netting, hung some ceiling fans, and now
are off to the lumber yard and to the hardware store for supplies for our first
day in the Jungle on Monday.

Tomorrow we are
taking a boat up the Amazon River and meeting with three separate churches. We
are involned in some program but our Spanish is weak and we do not know quite
what we are doing. God will provide!

We ask
for two things, your continued prayer that our efforts here will glorify the One
that sent us and that each of our families are contacted to let them know we are
here safely as we have no cell service.

By the
way, it is really hot and really sticky. They also call this season winter but
if it is, global warming is real.

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