Happy Valentine's letter from Peru...

Well... Adam is out sick with something... they say its some type of flu... hopefully! Keep praying for them!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Try 2, the first letter was just wiped
The men took off for the jungle this morning, with out Adam (sick with
some version of the flu) and Kristin, Dawn and Nancy did not return to the
jungle today.
They worked on the second building today, most of the pilings
were put in and the cement was poured! They saw a monkey in the forest today,
the only animal so far, except the monkey on the man’s shoulder in the internet
cafe. Ray, from the Vermont team did see a small snake, so far no
anacondas! We haven´t seen a snake, but you may see pictures of Kristin
and Nancy about town with snake boots on. The guys did take a lazy lunch
today, because of a 2 hour rain storm.
The girls did make another trip to the
market, it is almost a daily trip. It gives a whole new meaning to grocery
shopping, you really have to at least see the pictures to really appreciate the
experience. The health departments have not opened up in Peru!
Saturday we are going to a Pennies for Peru event, the men decided they all
need to rent motorcycles for the trip, Matt is especially excited, no age
Everyone is working hard, getting much accomplished and very
thankful to God for continued strength and safety as we all finish the work
here. Please continue to pray for safety and that His Work will be
Until tomorrow.

Nancy and the team

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