Another email from Peru

Here is the next installment of a note from the jungles of Peru! It's obviously getting tiresome and weary for the workers! Please keep praying for them... especially for those who are working directly at the site in the jungle (some of the women are working at the office/missionary home in Iquitos instead of traveling in each day to the site).

Today was a great day it finally looks like we are putting up a building and
not a cemetery. (Lots of holes and digging.) Today was a day of repair. We slept
in for a half hour until 5:30! Good times. No one was marred, scarred, or sick
so old wounds have time to heal. We have been growing as people, as a group, and
with others as well. (Test our Spanish later.) It's been good to make new
friends with others of God's kingdom and to get a fuller picture of what He is
doing around the world. The general consensus is that we will not talk about
Saturday when we are to leave. The thought of leaving this beauty of people,
place, and activity hurts. We all miss our loved ones at home. The special
kisses from children and the sweet words from husbands and wives come to mind
and we share these thoughts to one another this makes us wish you were here to
share with us. Work is work. God is here, so are wizards and witches and Satan.
God wins, but for us there is sometimes a battle of distraction and attitude
with Peruvian counterparts.
Let's see... We move phone pole size logs, dig
holes, put the wood in the holes and cement the holes. This is today in a
nutshell. Kisses and hugs to loved ones for we need them as much as you do.
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