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I got the email personally today... thank you Kristin! Things seem to be improving... Adam seems to be feeling better. Tomorrow is a day at Pennies for Peru (or "Compartiendo"), but he won't be able to join in the fun because of this bug he's got... please pray that he'll feel fine for the flight home tomorrow night!

Today was our last day in the bush. It was another scorching hot day but we were able to pretty muchcomplete the foundations of the missionary house and the boys dormatory. The rest of our team from Vermont will have no problem finishing the two structures asthe foundations are the real brutal work. Today, for instance, we dug 45 one meter deep holes in the rainforest clay which is as hard as North Carolina Claybut it is sticky. It was a great last day.
Our team was still short Adam who stayed back at the Knight´s house with what my mother used to call theups and downs or the trots (use your imagination). Don´t worry, Becky, he was up tonight taking theribbing well so he is on the mend. We covered for him!
The jungle is a very unforgiving environment and slowand steady wins the race. While Dawn stayed behind to paint the fortress wall with the ladies, Kristina(that´s Kristins new made up Peruvian name, she is so mod and also looking over my shoulder as I write this) and Nancy went to the jungle to help out. Their first work was attempting to carry water jugs on their heads. They failed. Their heads are not yet flat enough, but we are still working on that. Their second mission outside of helping everyone in manyways was to search for the monkey Jim O saw. They failed that, too. Should have stayed back to paint the fence.
As in Lima, our transportation has been a real nightmare. Today it broke down for the third time. Our master mechanic Jim has diagnosed it with three or four potential problems. This is also how he runs up the bills at OK 4WD (just kidding it is anestablishment of high repute). With limited resources he is going to try the lesser of the potential. Remember the song, ¨The Lord Moves in MysteriousWays¨, well when we broke yesterday the group struckup a conversation with a girl playing vollyball on the side of the road. This morning we delivered a Bible to her. Pretty cool stuff. The Peruvians continue to amaze with their openess to the Gospel of Christ.
Tomorrow is two sessions of Campatiendo (Pennies forPeru) and then maybe a little R&R on about six or seven motorcycles before we hit the Aeropuerto and head back to Lima and then home to NJ.
God Bless you All and thank you for your prayers.

The Team and Adam and Dawn

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