The news update...

Happy New Year!! Adam and I had a wonderful time visiting my parents in Ohio over the holiday. Gwen enjoyed the time playing with her Gramma and Papa. :-)

When we arrived home, we sent out an email to our contact at BCM and requested that the application be sent to us. It arrived two days ago and we were very excited to read through it... all 8 pages! The LORD is drawing us one step closer...

We're excited to see what's next! Please pray for us through these next few months with many new things coming... a potential training program called DBI that we were encouraged to check out by our Pastor.

While I was at Bible study this morning at our church, our teacher said something that really struck me. She said, "People who know the LORD don't have roots." We're studying Acts and were going through Stephen's sermon right before he was stoned by the Jews. Over and over, he was showing his audience that God was not limited to ONE place... that there was not ONE "Holy Place" where God was most evident... He is a universal, omnipresent Lord of ALL the Earth! It's so easy for me to get comfortable and used to life here! If I'm not careful, I find myself too focused "inward" on what's going on around me instead of seeing the bigger picture of what the LORD is doing all over the world!

Ok, I'm rambling... just some random thoughts. Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement! We are so excited about this next step of applying... more updates to follow!
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