It's finished!

Well... it is January 31st today and I went to the post office and mailed out our BCM application packet! The Lord was so gracious and allowed us just enough time to finish it. Please pray with us that we continue to follow His direction from this point and wait patiently for His timing. It's out of our hands at this point and all we can do is wait for the answer from BCM. After we receive our approval notice (barring anything questionable in our applications, of course) I think we're considered "applicants". At that point, BCM puts together a "plan of action" for us to work towards becoming "candidates." This could be anything from language training to more schooling... etc.

Adam leaves a week from tomorrow for Iquitos! Be in prayer this week, especially as they try to figure out how to get the $$ down to Peru that they have raised for this project.

More updates to follow! Exciting times are ahead, I'm sure!
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