How it began...

Well, here we are... it is now December 2007 and we have been on this "journey" since April.

In April Adam was given the opportunity to go to Lima, Peru on a week-long mission trip with our church, Grace Fellowship. He had been on overseas short-term trips before and they were something he enjoyed; something that God had laid on his heart to do again.

I opted out of the trip due to the fact that Gwen was barely a year old and leaving her for a week wasn't plausible at that point. Instead, we packed up and headed to Gramma and Papa's house in Ohio for an Easter visit!

While in Peru, Adam felt drawn to the mission, the people, and the culture of that area. He has always enjoyed languages and other cultures (especially their food!). He was able to taste such Peruvian delicacies as cow heart... yum! God began to work on his heart to return at some point...

In the meantime, Gwen and I were enjoying time at Gramma's house... but I was thinking that God was also working on MY heart as well. I fully expected Adam to return from his trip and say, "Pack up! We're going back!" The strange thing was that I was comfortable with that thought... an attitude TOTALLY foreign to my A-type, anti-change personality.

When he returned, the Lord opened up several opportunities for us to talk and discuss how He had worked on both of us that week... and what we felt out next steps should be for now. Adam began to talk with our Pastor and members of the BCM Lima mission in Peru. We planned on going back as a couple to see what God would lay on our hearts.

As things progressed (and Gwen got a bit older), we made plans to retun to Peru in October. This seemed like a perfect time because I would be in my second-trimester (a great time to travel while pregnant!) with our second baby and Gwen was 18 months old... able to be away from Mommy for a while. So, with the Lord's strength, we packed Gwen up and flew her to Gramma and Papa's again while we packed and prepared to fly down to Peru for a whirl-wind 7 day trip. We visited the Odicio family in Lima as well as Jed and Jaime Benoit in Cusco.

After our return we gave a report to our church and let them know that we needed our church family to start praying! God was leading us to Peru! Our first "newsletter" went out with the Christmas cards and we are now in the process of applying with BCM to see where the Lord would lead us from here.

Adam is planning on returning for a 10-day trip to Iquitos, Peru (more to come on that...) in February of '08. This is ANOTHER trip I won't be able to attend because of our beautiful children. This time it is because we are expecting Baby Zoe to arrive just a few weeks after the trip... no doctor will give consent for travel to a rainforest at that point!

Thank you for reading our blog... MUCH more to come... and we'd love to hear from YOU too! In this journey we need MANY supporters, especially in prayer. God is leading us... but we also know that we have a powerful enemy who would do anything he could to throw hurdles and "potholes" into our path as we walk with our Savior. Please visit our blog often to see updated prayer requests and to watch as our AMAZING Lord shows us where to go.

Our verse from the Lord for this point in our journey is Isaiah 30:21, "Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, 'This is the way; walk in it.'"
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