Getting to the Roots of our faith

Ok, so recently I blogged about "finding your niche" where I explored the ideas of what makes us tick and who we are as the women God created us to be.

Now it's time to get real.  Down to the roots, if you will.

The foundation of everything that I am, everything that I strive for, everything that I say I believe, is the inerrant Word of God.  It's absolute, ultimate truth.  Jesus' story is more real than anything I face in this world... His life and death and resurrection are what make my life worth living, and what I want people to see through everything that I do.

Mind you, I don't "do" that well, but it is the foundational truth that I base my life upon.

In a world and time in history of such chaos and so many questions about what truth IS and what is OPINION or PREFERENCE... I want to go back to those realities.  I want to align my heart and mind with the who the Bible says that Jesus is and what it means to follow Him with my whole life.

Would you join me?  Would you lay down other things on your to-do list and dig into this with me?  I have a great tool for us to use in this endeavor.  Head over to, learn more, and sign up for daily (M-F) study emails.


You can also watch Jennie Allen introduce this study by watching the short video below:

Friends, this is what it's all about... understanding the foundation of our faith and growing together as we step out to do what it is that God has created us individually to do.  

First, get to your roots by studying what you believe about God, Jesus, and being a Christian.  Then, take that confidence, wisdom, and knowledge out into a hurting and broken world to change the community around you.  

We can do this.  Together!
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